Wildfire Assistance Program

Welcome to the official website of the Wildfire Assistance Program.

Important Dates
August 30, 2019
Begin Payments to Eligible Claimants
November 15, 2019
Claim Form Submission Deadline
January 15, 2020
Final Payments to Eligible Claimants

This Program will provide unmet needs funds to certain persons affected by the 2017 and 2018 wildfires. The fires that qualify are the Atlas, Adobe, Blue, Camp, Cascade, Cherokee, Honey, LaPorte, Lobo, Maacama, McCourtney, Nuns, Norrbom, Partrick, Pocket, Point, Pressley, Pythian, Redwood, Sulphur, Tubbs and "37" Fires.

You can begin a claim by clicking the button below. If you come to a question and do not know the answer or do not have the required documentation, you may save your claim form and come back to it later.

This Program is separate from the PG&E Chapter 11 bankruptcy cases. Submitting a claim to the Wildfire Assistance Program is different than submitting a claim in the bankruptcy cases. Any amount that you receive from the Wildfire Assistance Program will be deducted from any payment you may receive as a creditor/claimant in the PG&E bankruptcy cases. The Bar Date for the PG&E Chapter 11 bankruptcy cases is October 21, 2019.